Tuesday, January 29, 2008

3 - Signs in ENT

*BATTLE SIGN- Bruising behind ear at mastoid region, due to petrous temporal bone# (middle fossa #).

*BOCCA'S SIGN - Absence of post cricoid crackle(Muir's crackle) in Carcinoma post. cricoid.

*BROWN SIGN - blanching of redness on increasing pressure more than systemic pressure see in glomus jugulare.

*BOYCE SIGN - Laryngocoele-Gurgling sound on compression of external laryngocoele with reduction of swelling.

*DODD’S SIGN/CRESCENT SIGN - X-ray finding-Crescent of air between the mass and posterior pharyngeal wall. positive in AC ployp. Negative in Angiofibroma

*FURSTENBERGERS SIGN-This is seen when nasopharyngeal cyst is communicating intracranially,there is enlargement of the cyst on crying and upon compression of jugular vein.

*HITSELBERGER'S SIGN - In Acoustic neuroma- loss of sensation in the ear canal suppllied by Arnold's nerve( branch of Vagus nerve to ear )

*HOLMAN MILLER SIGN, ANTRAL SIGN-it is seen in angiofibroma,the tumor pushes forward on the posterior wall of the maxillary sinus..

*HONDOUSA SIGN--X-ray finding in Angiofibroma, indicating infratemporal fossa involvement characterised by widening of gap between ramus of mandible and maxillary body.

*HENNEBERT SIGN- false fistula sign( cong.syphilis, Meniere's,)

*IRWIN MOORE’S SIGN-------- positive squeeze test in chronic tonsillitis

*LIGHT HOUSE SIGN--- seeping out of secretions in acute OTITIS media

*LYRE'S SIGN - splaying of carotid vessels in carotid body tumor

*MILIAN’S EAR SIGN- Erysipelas can spread to pinna(cuticular affection), where as cellulitis cannot.

*PHELP'S SIGN - loss of crust of bone between carotid canal and jugular canal in glomus jugulare

*RACOON SIGN-Indicate subgaleal hemorrhage,and not necessarly base of skull #

*STEEPLE SIGN- X-ray finding in Acute Laryngo tracheo bronchitis

*STANKIEWICK'S SIGN - indicate orbital injury during FESS. fat protrudes into nasal cavity on compression of eye ball from ouside

*THUMB SIGN --X-ray finding A/c epiglottitis

*TRAGUS SIGN- EXTERNAL OTITIS , Pain on pressing Tragus

*TEA POT SIGN is seen in CSF rhinorrhoea..

*WOODS SIGN----- palpable jugulodigastric lymphnodes.

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