Saturday, October 24, 2009

18 - Development and Growth of ParaNasal sinuses

And First radiological evidence
Frontal sinus
Not present; First radiological evidence at 6 years of age
Invades frontal bone at the age of 4 years. Size increases until teens.
Sphenoid sinus
Not present; First radiological evidence at 4 years of age
Reaches sella turcica by the age of 7 years, dorsum sellae by late teens and basisphenoid by adult age. Reaches full size between 15 years to adult age.
Maxillary sinus
Present at birth; First radiological evidence at 4-5 months of age
Rapid growth from birth to 3 years and from 7-12 years. Adult size – 15 years .
Ethmoidal sinus
Present at birth
-Anterior group = 5x2x2mm
-Posterior group = 5x4x2 mm; First radiological evidence at 1 year of age
Reach adult size by 12 years

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